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How PIM Enables Effective Product Personalization for Your Customers

Personalization has become a key driver of customer engagement and product strategy for many companies. PIM (Product Information Management) systems are uniquely positioned to empower marketers and merchandisers to deliver highly personalized product experiences to their customers. In this article,…

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Reporting or predictive analysis, what type of analysis do you need?

La Business Intelligence (BI) est bien connue de tous après quelque 50 ans d’existence. La BI est encore plus exploitée dans le monde des affaires avec les avancées technologiques du siècle dernier et des dernières décennies. À ses débuts, la…

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Focus on the latest trends in embedded analytics

L’analytique intégrée est une capacité de lieu de travail numérique où l’analyse des données se produit dans le flux de travail naturel d’un utilisateur, sans qu’il soit nécessaire de passer à une autre application. De plus, l’analyse intégrée a tendance…

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5 tips for creating effective dashboards

The dashboard is an essential tool for effective management of a company. Dashboards should display several parameters necessary for decision making. There are several types of dashboard, depending on how they will be used, and there are some important tips…

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Successfully digitising your company thanks to Big Data

With developments in the digital world, companies now use specific information, including customer information, to fine-tune their sales and marketing strategies. That said, the ability to manage these systems has effectively contributed to business success. Big Data is at the…

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