How to make the most of the data from your e-commerce site?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now the main traffic acquisition channel for e-commerce sites. Organic search alone generates almost 9 times more clicks than paid advertising such as Adwords. As with any e-tailer, your main challenge is to bring more traffic to your e-shop without having to invest millions of dollars in SEM or SMO.

All about e-commerce SERPs

Determine your SERP type: before you start risky optimization and keyword research, you should absolutely determine and define the main SERP (Search Engine Results Page) where you will be ranked. A good habit is to systematically measure the temperature of the SERP you want to conquer by analysing the results on page 1 of the target keyword. Don’t hesitate to use data from tools such as Ahrefs to accurately identify your competitors’ strengths, especially the keywords that bring them the most organic traffic.

As the name suggests, these requests are usually made by internet users who are deciding to make purchases (and financial transactions) in the short to medium term. The website provides much more information on how to get the most out of the data from your e-commerce site.

Keyword study, typology and research

Keywords are clearly the cornerstone on which your SEO strategy is based. For e-commerce, this step is particularly important. The revenue you generate depends essentially on the performance of your e-commerce keyword strategy.

Research your competitors. The first step is usually the same: compare your competitors. Observe and analyse what competitors are doing to determine what is effective and what is ineffective for them. In this way, an effective differentiation strategy can be developed. The idea is to know what opportunities you can seize. As the name suggests, these requests are usually made by Internet users who decide to make purchases (and financial transactions) in the short to medium term.

How to categorise your e-commerce sites?

The technical structure and category selection of an e-commerce site are very important. They will show your brand’s ability to meet users’ expectations. There is nothing better than a poorly organised e-commerce site, which cannot scare your visitors away by navigation. Best practices for optimising the structure of an e-commerce site. Whether your e-commerce site is developed from a CMS or from scratch, the best practices are the same. The first step in optimising the e-commerce architecture is to consider the most relevant categories and sub-categories.

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